MISSHA Foot Doctor Cooling Leg Patch

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Leg & foot hydrogel patch makes swollen and tired feet and legs feel relaxed and smooth due to its cooling effect

Long-lasting, immediate cooling effect
The long-lasting cooling effect provides relaxation and a cool feel to tired legs and feet.

Effective care for swollen legs
Ingredients with proven effects of relieving temporary swollenness help to create slim legs.

Embossed hydrogel patch containing eight kinds of complex aroma oil
The embossed surface hydrogel patch has high adhesive power and aids in the effective absorption of effective ingredients.

1. After thoroughly washing the applied area with water, thoroughly dry with a towel (Be sure to wipe skin clean and dry as the sheet will not attach well if there is excess sweat or any foreign substances on the skin.). 2. Take out the sheet, remove half of the clear film and attach the sheet on the desired area. Then, slowly remove the remaining film and attach the rest of the sheet on the skin. * Tips:
1. For functional and sanitary reasons, limit use to one sheet per session.
2. Attach the sheet only once as removing and attaching the sheet several times may hamper its adhesive power.
3. Keep in mind that wearing shoes while sheet is attached may cause it to stick to the shoes or socks.